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It's this time of year, when I start to organise stock for the coming season. Opening my Candle Shop here in the Highlands is just a few short weeks away, and candle making is very much on the agenda. Today I am making our UPLIFTING candles. This natural soy wax candle contains a fabulous blend of Rosemary, Petitgrain & Lemongrass essential oils.

Why these oils are included in my UPLIFTING candle -

About Rosemary Essential Oil: Rosemary enlivens the brain cells. A clear, strong, penetrating herbal scent. Woody and camphorous. Rosemary clears your mind of confusion and doubt. This oil stimulates the central nervous system, strengthening mental clarity and awareness. Its aromatic influences can stimulate your memory and help amnesia, aid you in overcoming mental fatigue and strain or apathy, encourage concentration and open your conscious mind. Rosemary also strengthens against strong emotions and mood swings, and provides support in stressful conditions.

About Petitgrain Essential Oil: Petitgrain's positive influence will cheer and lift you up, or sooth and calm you down, while balancing your whole being. This uniquely distinct oil is a real boost. Fresh, light, floral and citrussy. It gladdens the heart, refreshes the mind, and relaxes and balances the whole being. This oil has a positive influence if you are feeling sad or disappointed, and it also contains antidepressant qualities. Soothing to the emotions, petitgrain is useful if you suffer from anxiety, it may calm anger or panic attacks, and is helpful if you suffer from insomnia.

About Lemongrass Essential Oil: To breathe in this scent is like a cool, energizing shower - a secret aid if you have trouble getting started in the morning. The perfect pick-me-up. This is a sweet, fresh, green citrus scent, pleasantly sharp and lemony with a slightly rosy fragrance. Psychologically refreshing and stimulating, lemongrass can lift your spirits and help get you going again. This oil is the ideal remedy to combat drowsiness and irritability. Reviving and energizing, it is particularly useful if you are mentally exhausted or having trouble concentrating. 

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Essential oils are organic compounds derived from plant sources such as roots, bark, flowers and seeds. They are complex chemical compounds and not technically oils at all! They are extracted using a variety of methods to capture the scented particles, leaving many of the other chemical constituents of the plant behind.

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My Candle Shop will be open from Sun 29th March this year. If you are in the area come along for a smell! You can find us nestled in the tiny picture postcard hamlet of Drumbeg, halfway along the spectacular Drumbeg 'loop' coastal road (B869) just north of the fishing habour of Lochinver in the North West corner of the Scottish Highlands, Britain's last wilderness, we are surrounded by remote unspoiled white sand beaches, breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery and magnificent coastal views

If we are a bit to far off the beaten track for you, you can visit our online shop


Helen Lambert

The Little Soap & Candle Company - Scotland


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