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We are constantly being told what the latest trends are. What we should be trying and buying. Here at The Little Soap & Candle Company and Mum & Son Candles, we believe it is our customers who set their own trends, who decide what they do and do not like. Our range reflects what our customers tell us they want, not what we tell them they should like.

So .... What are our customers buying from us this month?

Top of the list is a timeless favorite - LAVENDER

We have almost sold out (don't worry we are making more) of our HIGHLAND LAVENDER Candles. With no extra promotion, no special offers, no promises that purchasing this product from us will make you look and feel 20 years younger, YOU have decided this is what YOU want.

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So ... what is so special about Lavender?

Where do we start .....

One of, if not, the most versatile essential oils there is. Renowned for it's healing, calming and soothing properties. Burning a good quality candle containing essential oil of Lavender will calm the mind and encourage relaxation. A few drops of pure essential oil of lavender on your pillow will help you sleep Zzzzzzz. A few drops on minor burns will help heal and soothe your skin, and pop about 5 drops in your bath water for a fabulously relaxing soak.


Just one word of caution. We are talking pure essential oil here, not synthetic fragrance, there is a massive difference, be sure to check before purchasing, not all candles and oils are created equal! Many products on the market today contain synthetic oils and these do not have the beneficial therapeutic effects of essential oils. They may smell nice and cost less, but as the old saying goes 'you get what you pay for'. If you are in our area why not pop in to our Candle Shop, we have 10ml and 50ml sizes available, plus products in our Highland Lavender range include candles, hand creams and soaps, all packed full of copious amounts of this fabulous oil. Available in store or from our online shop.

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Helen Lambert

The Little Soap & Candle Company - Scotland


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