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Assynt Aromas by Mum & Son .... 

It is from the north west corner of Scotland, in Assynt, our Highland home, a wilderness surrounded by heather covered mountains, remote white sand beaches and rugged coastline, we take inspiration for our luxurious natural product range. We are a small family business run by Mum & Son team Helen & Danny.

Where it all began .... and long before scented candles were as popular as they are today ...

With the help of her husband, Helen Lambert opened a gift shop & tea garden in the tiny highland village of Drumbeg in the late 90's, selling a wide range of gifts and crafts and a small selection of her own products.

After a tremendous response to her own handmade scented candles, and feedback that customers were looking for natural products, she began to add new lines. From a selection consisting of 4 different scented candles in the beginning, her range expanded considerably to include a wide variety of natural aromatherapy candles, luxurious organic body care, artisan soaps, handmade creams and gift sets. All lovingly handmade using the finest ingredients nature has to offer. Herbs, flowers, skin loving oils and butters and pure essential oils for their glorious natural scents. Following the sudden death of her husband, her sons stepped in to help with the business and encouraged her to continue.

WORLDWIDE from Drumbeg

Mum & Son open their Candle Shop & Secret Tea Garden in the Scottish Highlands to visitors seasonally from April - Sept.

Their shop being 'off the beaten track' to say the least! they realise customers are not always able to just pop in for their favorite products, they have also built up a successful online business, shipping orders throughout the UK and worldwide.

They may close to visitors from Nov - March but this doesn't mean they are closed for business. The winter months are spent making, packaging and developing new lines and running their online shop, which remains open year round. They also offer a 'click & collect' service throughout the winter for locals and 'out of season' visitors, with three local pick up points to choose from.

NOT available anywhere else! ...

Helen & Danny have no intention of introducing their range to the mass produced market which is today's High Street. They intend to keep it special and unique, and continue to offer you the very best personal customer service they can. You can only purchase their products directly from their Candle Shop in the Scottish Highlands or from their Online Shop. They don't make their products for anyone else, supply other shops or sell wholesale.



As the 2019 season approaches (our 18th ????) we are busy preparing to open our wee shop to visitors once more. As I was giving the shops kitchen floor a fresh coat of paint yesterday I began to think about the times when there was no online, no online anything, ordering, website, zilch, zero. Once the season was over that was it. If you hadn’t made enough money to pay your bills over the winter, you were stumped. The chances of getting a winter job in such a remote part of the world when seasonal tourism is the mainstay was like rocking horse you know what!

Then came along the Internet and transformed the way we work. In the beginning orders would trickle in through cyberspace, mainly at Christmas time, but we worked on it, marketing, emails, offers, encouraging our customers and potential new customers that they could relying on us to provide a safe, reliable way to purchase our products. Wether this was a top up between visits to Assynt, a gift for a loved one, or a brand new order. We could reach out worldwide from Drumbeg ... who’d have thought it!

So why did this spring to mind while I was painting the floor? Because I remember a time when the cost of a tin of paint at the beginning of the season would have been out of the question, after a 5 month business drought we simply couldn’t afford it.

So to the present day. After years of plugging away, trying to get listed on Google search a bit higher than page goodness knows what! Advertising on a limited budget in a fiercely competitive market, when your up against the big boys throwing millions at marketing, we are finally at a stage where we can get the floor painted .. so to each and every one of you who support our business over the winter a humongous THANK YOU ???? X
It really is true - when you place an order with a small family business a real life person really does do a little dance ???? (or paints the floor).
Lots of love Helen & Danny xx