From soap bar to bin and beyond, our aim is to be as environmentally aware and responsible as possible. Being natural, our handmade products contain no harmful chemicals and are fully biodegradable.

We aim to be mindful of what we buy and use, recycling packaging and avoiding waste where possible.


Apart from testing on our own family members, our soap never has been (and will never be) tested on animals.

Packaging Policy

We work to keep our packaging minimal, plastic-free and fully recyclable.produced in the UK, and in card, tin and recycled glass.

PALM OIL - why we continue to use it

Key facts you should know:

  • Palm Oil is the highest yielding vegetable oil crop per hectare, a boycott would simply move the problem elsewhere
  • Palm Oil accounts for 37% of vegetable oil produced but is grown on less than 10% of land under vegetable oil crop cultivation
  • 6 million people are dependent on palm oil for their livelihood and its cultivation has lifted many of these people out of poverty
  • A UK or even European boycott of palm oil would result in fewer incentives for producers to adopt or continue with sustainable methods as India and China are the world's largest consumers of palm oil and are not yet committed to sourcing responsibly.
  • Please be aware that the product you buy from us is RSPO certified at the Segregated (SG) level. This means that the palm oil used in it has come from RSPO accredited sources and has been kept segregated from non-accredited material throughout the supply chain. The Akobake is a blend of palm fractions and rapeseed oil. All of our products are made with sustainable palm oil.